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CMS Approval and Compliance Follow Up

CMS Compliance has been top of mind for a while now. But what else do you need to know when you’re buying or selling Medicare Advantage Leads during 2022’s Annual Enrollment Period?

The Annual Enrollment Period is here and PX is ready to help you find the leads you need. We have hundreds of unique sources to offer advertisers and can customize all your specific compliance requests in relation to CMS Regulations.

CMS regulations are a legally necessary part of the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) for all carriers who want to purchase Medicare Advantage leads. PX provides one central location to manage your sources and helps ensure that you get exactly the Medicare leads you want.

PX ensures that all sources are pre-vetted:
    • All sites available for Medicare Advantage campaigns passed through PX’s robust compliance protocols
    • All publishers and buyers involved with Medicare Advantage campaigns have completed PX’s best practices checklist
    • All publishers and buyers involved with Medicare Advantage had to submit their formal approval process of CMS.gov 

PX ensures that all creative and script materials are monitored:
    • All call publishers available for Medicare Advantage campaigns provided up-to-date scripts 
    • All sites available for Medicare Advantage campaigns provided sample creatives to ensure they meet requirements

PX ensures that all sources are CMS-approved:
  • Publishers need to tell us who filed their paperwork with CMS and when it was approved
  • Publishers need to provide all marketing and creative materials including scripts for our records

PX ensures that all sources are certified:

  • All sources have been given a government issued SMID that is displayed on their URL
  • This year, sources not only have to be CMS compliant, but they also must be certified through thCMS website and receive an SMID/DIN number
  • The SMID/DIN number MUST be submitted to PX
  • PX will confirm the SMID/DIN number is displayed at the bottom of the generating site’s homepage

PX’s platform gives transparency and ensures trust regarding our sources and their qualifications to demand partners:
    • Prior to open enrollment all PX site details will include a field for SMID/DIN certification numbers
    • Buyers will be able to filter and block leads on the CMS SMID/DIN field  
    • Buyers will be able to request creatives and scripts per source upon request prior to Open Enrollment Launch by contactingcompliance@px.com
    • PX both buyer and publisher checklists were sent to all who have campaigns set up 

You can learn more about CMS compliance in our previous blog here: https://insights.px.com/navigating-medicare-advantage-open-enrollment-2022


Let PX help you navigate your way to compliant success during 2022’s Annual Enrollment Period.



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