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PX's Quality Pillars

To ensure a consistently high quality of lead supply and demand, PX focuses on distinct quality pillars...

PX brings value to our customers by providing a platform that connects high quality sources with high quality demand, and we are constantly optimizing our technology to support this. We also help publishers adhere to the highest and most up-to-date industry standards for compliance and quality. Our pre-launch vetting system and vigilant monitoring provides our buyers with the security and confidence they need to grow their businesses with PX.  

distinct quality pillars

PX Quality Pillars:  

  1. TCPA Opt-In Verification: Compliance with TCPA relies on a source’s ability to provide opt-in data and ad creative upon request in a reasonable timeframe. PX also measures the number of questions (if any) that are raised per source. If sources are unable to provide data upon request their partnership with PX is terminated. 

  2. Verification Data: This measures several areas of verification to ensure the publishers on our platform are providing the highest quality leads:  

    Aged over 5 Min:  PX requires that all leads be “real time”: any that are older than 5 minutes when posted to the platform are considered “aged” and can be purchased as such.  


    Hops: If a lead “hops” from one source to another it is flagged for verification by our team. More than one hop indicates the possibility that leads are being aggregated by a publisher and aren’t generated from a form they own.  

    Inauthentic: The technology we use can detect issues that can indicate a bogus lead, such as problems with the way the code is implemented or the way the token is being generated.  

    Duration: PX’s technology can identify abnormalities in the length of time it took someone to fill out a form. Leads that took more than 5 minutes or less than 1 minute to complete a form are flagged for review.
  3. Performance: To help determine quality, PX monitors performance of the leads that are exchanged in our platform with three key metrics:   

Sales Rate: How many of the purchased leads resulted in sales? 

Qualified Rate: How many of the leads met the criteria set by the advertiser?  

Contact Rate: How many of the leads resulted in contact with a consumer? 

Duplication: PX protects our customers from duplicate leads by flagging and blocking any that appear on the platform more than once 

Real Phone Validation: PX determines the validity of a phone number by checking whether it is connected and in active use.  


Advertisers need to know they’re getting the right leads for the right price. Ensuring that our leads and sources adhere to these quality pillars means that our customers know they’re getting value for their money when sourcing their leads from the PX platform. We are proud to work with sources who are similarly committed to meeting—and even exceeding—industry standards for quality and compliance.  Keeping track of all the various data privacy laws and regulations across multiple jurisdictions is time consuming, inefficient, and confusing. But PX’s technology and subject matter expertise ensures that advertisers and publishers can rely on PX for lead quality and compliance, so they can spend more time doing what they do best.  



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