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How to Utilize Leads Effectively to Boost Outbound Sales

Improving how you utilize leads involves various strategies, technologies, & tools that allow you to approach high-intent vs low-intent leads differently.

Knowing how to use valuable leads will ultimately dictate your success with them. One of the biggest mistakes outbound sales teams make is not watching their list management report in real time. When managing your lists, your approach by lead source can make all the difference. A dialer with workflow automation will help eliminate missed opportunities so you can maximize your contacts and conversions.


Generating more contacts and better conversion rates can help lower customer acquisition costs by boosting the profit per dollar you’re investing to buy or generate leads. Ideally, with good lead providers and an optimized outbound sales strategy, you’ll generate more contacts and better conversation rates, so you can invest less money in acquiring leads.


Treat High-Intent Leads like Gold

Leads from high-intent data sources are your most valuable leads – and should be treated as such. So, you don’t want to throw this data into the dialer and dial it as hard as you might with the high-volume, but lower-intent, data you have.

This is where it’s key to use a dialer software that gives you options to set up separate workflows for different lead types. This means that, with your most valuable and exclusive leads, you can take the gentler approach that’s warranted.


Make the Most of Low-Intent Data

You can create separate workflows for lower-intent or incentivized leads that might require more aggressive dialing approaches to move them down the funnel.

This is where it might be tempting to dial harder and expect results. You’ll find that the contact rate doesn’t improve, and then many people make the mistake of abandoning those leads. But you shouldn’t stop calling altogether – you’ll need to dial smarter. With dialer software that offers automation, you can move the lead to another list and call back again in 30 days and try again. And then set another follow-up, maybe in another 60 days.

Audit Third-Party Data Providers

Finally, to utilize leads effectively, ensuring that all your data is compliant is critical. At the end of the day, if you’re dialing data and it’s not compliant, you’ll be held responsible even if your vendor was at fault.

When purchasing leads, ensure you mitigate legal risks by working with lead providers that comply with all applicable state and federal telemarketing policies and regulations, including the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).


It can be a challenge to navigate compliance issues in addition to increasing your sales. But utilizing technology, including the right dialer software, can help support compliance. Look for features besides workflow automation, like dynamic scripting, call count settings, time-of-day restrictions, and more.

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