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Source Management on PX:  How it improves ROI and lead quality

Not all leads are created equal. They vary by geography, source, and where they are in the funnel. But how does Source Management help identify the most profitable leads to ensure you’re not leaving money on the table?

A simple example is this: You notice your Solar installations are down. Upon reviewing your data, you see that your contact rate has dropped and is now below 55% (the industry average is 65-70%). Looking at your down funnel metrics will help identify possible issues with speed to lead or challenges with getting fewer appointments.

The above is what a data performance feedback loop is all about. When your contact rate drops, you’re not getting in touch with as many people, or you’re just not getting a lot of appointments. PX’s Source Management will help identify sources that are working best for you and bid dynamically on them.

How to use data to scale your sales

Leads don’t perform the same all the time. You may find that a performance of a source changes over time or changes in your sales team impact your contact rate.

Source Management can help you better understand the lead sources and campaigns that drive the most revenue for you while also pausing the ones that aren’t performing. You are in complete control of where to allot your marketing budget to hit your goals. One key input that makes it all possible is the disposition data you share with us. This disposition data populates the sales funnel and source performance to make quantitative decisions at scale with lead quantification.

Consider this scenario; if your set rate is low, but your lead partner knows that leads are performing at a higher rate in that area, the issue could be that the area is highly competitive, which is an opportunity to improve your speed to lead or make other process improvements on the call center side.

On the flip side, if you notice an area that is performing really well, you should identify a plan for growth in this market. If you’re closing a lot of deals and can take more volume, this could be a great opportunity to introduce other sources. This could include reducing areas that aren’t performing well with filter management to allocate more budget towards high performers so that you create an optimal mix while ensuring your aggregate numbers are strong.

New Era of Customer Acquisition; Lead Quantification

Sharing data feedback from your sales opportunities in the form of disposition data is a great way for you and your partners to understand how your leads are performing for you and dynamically bid accordingly to continue meeting the needs of your business.

At PX, we use this feedback loop to strategize with you on how to hit your goals. This can include adjusting the source mix based on performance and customizing campaigns to help you succeed. We provide performance monitoring to ensure we’re ready to meet both short-term objectives while successfully driving ever-increasing results for our partners.

Do more than qualify leads. Quantify them.

PX lets you see the true value of leads, so they get the right leads for the right price, every single time. 

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