How PX ensures compliance and transparency amongst its lead sources with Jornaya

63% of buyers in lead gen believe that investing in compliance, verification, and fraud is critical to their success. PX uses Jornaya to ensure compliance and authenticity of lead sources on the platform.

Maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards is a critical issue for performance marketers. Compliance and quality have always been at the forefront of our efforts at PX, so vendors who publish their leads on the platform go through a thorough and extensive vetting process. When you integrate with PX, you access a host of compliance integrations that can be enabled to receive only high-quality leads.  

 One of the compliance integrations we support is Jornaya.  What is Jornaya? 

Jornaya is the consumer journey insights platform that provides marketers, data analysts, and compliance professionals with the highest-resolution view of the consumer buying journey. It is the only technology platform that witnesses first- and third-party consumer interactions in real-time and across devices. 

Compliance is one of the most important pillars of PX 

PX uses it because all our publishers must have a Jornaya script implemented on their page. That means that when a lead is submitted, Jornaya witnesses this event to ensure compliance. 

Jornaya witnesses and captures a lot of different things about a lead event that can be very useful. For example, it knows the exact age of the lead from the time the consumer completed the form until a buyer receives the lead, and it records how long it took someone to fill out that form. The most important thing that Jornaya does, from a compliance perspective, is that it captures the lead data in such a way that it is not violating the consumer's privacy rights. 

PX’s integration with Jornaya also extends to our partner network. We require our publishers to be integrated with either Active Prospect or Jornaya to monitor any leads that are posted on the platform. Publishers with their Jornaya LeadiD tokens are ingested into the PX platform so we can aggregate that information to understand quality. Leads can be checked for TCPA compliance by using their LeadiD or certificate before the consumer is contacted.

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PX’s integration with Jornaya provides real-time compliance checks, advanced filtering, and comprehensive reporting to help performance marketers maintain compliance with regulations. The compliance checks on PX are in real-time. If the lead posted on the platform does not meet compliance requirements, it is rejected, and the lead source is notified. 

This integration is a testament to PX’s commitment to providing cutting-edge technology solutions to help customers drive customer acquisition and engagement campaigns while remaining compliant with legal regulations and industry standards. 

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