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Stop Wasting Time on Bad Leads: How a Profanity Filter Helps

Get started with PX’s improved Profanity Filter so you don't waste more time on bad leads.  Read this blog to know more.

PX’s Profanity Filters ensure that contact data filled in is valid and legitimate by flagging leads with profane or bogus names, emails, and addresses.  

How does PX’s profanity filter work?  

Not all leads are created equal; false information can be hard to spot if it contains profanity. Our customers can now leverage an improved, configurable check on the platform meant to block profanity leads.    

  • No cost per check, free
  • Advertisers or PMP users can configure the check-in Campaigns > Campaign settings > Verification Services (3 dots) 
  • The check is available for both our Open Exchange and Private marketplace customers   

To remove bad leads from entering your sales funnel, enable PX's profanity filter.      

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