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Is PX an Aggregator?

Unlike aggregators, PX provides complete control, transparency, and dynamic pricing so advertisers pay exactly what the leads are worth.

One question we get a lot is “PX is a lead aggregator, right?” Wrong!

We get it. There are a lot of marketing technology platforms out there, all trying to help advertisers grow their businesses, and sometimes, it’s hard to keep track. But the answer to the question “Is PX an Aggregator?” is an unequivocal no.

Here’s Why:

  • Transparency – Besides helping advertisers scale by introducing them to new and valuable sources, PX provides the data and insights you need to make better decisions about which publishers you should be working with, how much you should bid, how many more customers you could reach, and more.

  • Dynamic Pricing – PX’s dynamic pricing model ensures that you only pay what the leads are worth to your business, and no more. You’re in control, and able to pay for leads based on the attributes that matter to you.

  • Tech platform – PX is a cloud-based platform that provides a central location where you can source and manage all the publishers you’d like to purchase leads from, regardless of industry. PX is a marketplace that facilitates the transactions between advertisers and publishers, making it easier and more cost-effective for everyone.


Aggregators Don’t Provide Any of This to Their Customers

They can’t provide performance insights or the data you need to make better decisions. And forget about dynamic pricing…advertisers pay the aggregator a bundled price for each set of leads they buy, no matter the quality. Compliance can also become an issue when working with an aggregator. As more and more jurisdictions implement data privacy laws, you need to be confident that the leads you’re purchasing are legitimate. That’s where PX’s Compliance team comes in. We make sure that all the publishers on our platform and the leads they offer adhere to all the relevant laws and regulations, so you don’t have to waste time vetting each source individually.

Here at PX, we believe it’s long past time for the leads industry to join the 21st century and provide customers with the control, flexibility, and transparency they need to grow and scale. Our platform’s dynamic pricing, source management, and data features ensure that you’re getting the right leads for the right price. Every time.


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