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Upgrade to Ping Post Calls: Growth is a "Ping" Away

Ping Post Calls is a constantly evolving product. PX routed 550K+ calls just during AEP 2022, justifying the product-market fit. With PX's Ping Post Calls, you get the right calls at the right time and at the right price.

Buying the right lead at the right price is a concept that requires many moving parts to come together in real-time. Are you spending too much time and effort on qualifying leads? PX has uncovered the secret ingredient to run your customer acquisition campaigns at a positive ROI. The answer is Lead Quantification.

What is Ping Post for Calls?

Classic Call leads stepped in with its cutting-edge tech development and has repeatedly shown rocketing conversions with high-intent leads and a speedy process.  calls-duration-SC

Imagine you already know everything about your prospect, and the next moment, he calls you. Furthermore, this lead has already been validated, whitelisted, evaluated, and bought for a price unique to you. Your call center also has available agents to engage with him - all of this happens in just a few seconds!

The above example shows precisely what Call Ping Post does. Publishers start by sending lead data processed by PX and/or validated by your CRM’s campaign parameters. Then, based on the analysis, you bid for the inbound call, and if you are the highest bidder, the call routes to you, along with full consumer information.

PX also simultaneously monitors your call center agent availability to ensure you pay only for the calls you can serve. This improves sales velocity by impacting the call center answer rate. One of our legacy customers saw an 80% YoY improvement in their agent response rate.

This automated way of call distribution is integrated seamlessly into the PX ecosystem. It is a part of the Open Exchange (calls and leads exchange marketplace) and is easily set up within the scope of a Private Marketplace (PMP) account. Expand your Call reach and start shooting off calls like never before!

PX Ping pong calls - graphic

Why PX’s Ping Post Calls?

Ping Post Calls will scale the sales funnel with real-time inbound calls and transfers and increase conversions with more control and faster response time for real-time inbound calls or transfers. For Publishers, it translates to higher acceptance rates and payouts.

Behind every smart decision, there is an insight- Source performance attribution and quality analytics remain an effective bidding strategy for the Call Ping Post world. You can monitor your campaign’s ROI per source (site/publisher/traffic type) in different dimensions and use this intelligence either in your own dynamic bidding engine or the PX-powered Dynamic Bidding engine to achieve budget optimization, quality, and quantity results. Identify and switch low-performing sources without the hassle of re-contracting new Publishers. Pay for calls by setting duration-based payout rules and maximizing conversion.​

Efficiency for the win- With PX’s Ping Post Calls, you are in the driver’s seat. You control the volume of calls with our budget and call caps. You won’t receive more than one call at once with our Call Concurrency Caps.

We thoroughly tested this product during Open Enrollment, and Ping Post Calls proved super successful for our customers. The product delivered results for vastly different use cases - whether a lead buyer used it for retention of existing consumers or on a pay-per-call basis with existing partners - PX optimized marketing efforts to showcase outstanding results.

Call Ping Post is available for all major verticals, and we invite all existing and new customers to explore this reinvented approach to growth.

How did Ping Post for Calls start at PX?

Last year before Open Enrollment, we did some focus group discussions with customers on how to take their growth to the next level with Medicare 2022 approaching. With these insights, PX expanded its classic Call solution to include Call Ping Posts. PX took a unique approach by thoroughly examining and benchmarking with industry leaders' business cases and tailoring solutions to solving real-world problems. 

Start sourcing immediately with access to 400+ Publishers and 45k+ calls/month that have been pre-vetted, tested, ready-to-use, and designed to shorten your time to market.

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