Comprehensive Compliance and Risk Management with Blacklist Alliance

In an effort to boost customer compliance and streamline lead generation, PX recently integrated with Blacklist Alliance. This integration helps publishers and buyers stay protected against malicious serial litigators- a single-click integration for enhanced compliance.

Blacklist Alliance is a revolutionary platform that combines advertisers, publishers, and ad networks to combat ad fraud, inappropriate content, and low-quality ad placements. By leveraging the blacklist database, advertisers protect their brands and ensure their ads are displayed in a safe and suitable environment. Advertisers can reach relevant and engaged audiences, exercise greater control over their ad placements, and create a safer and more transparent digital advertising ecosystem. 

PX integrates with Blacklist Alliance to Enhance Lead Generation Compliance 

A commitment to client success and regulatory compliance drives PX's decision to incorporate this feature. With the ever-evolving regulatory landscape, maintaining compliance is not just an option but a necessity for businesses. By enabling users to filter out potential litigants, you can focus your marketing efforts on viable and legitimate leads, saving time and resources.  

Enabling the Blacklist Alliance for Your PX Campaigns 

Blacklist Alliance’s database of existing or potential litigators, once integrated with PX through an API, acts as a suppression list for the leads and calls you to buy on PX- rejecting any matching numbers. Publishers receive detailed responses to help understand why the lead was rejected through a feedback loop.  

The key highlight of this integration is its simplicity. PX buyers can now effortlessly filter their leads against the litigator list by toggling a single switch. This one-click process seamlessly integrates Blacklist Alliance’s database into the PX platform.  

A Single-Click Integration for Enhanced Compliance 

Blacklist Alliance, now available on the PX Platform, offers advertisers a solution to protect their brands, combat ad fraud, and enhance ad quality. You can enable Blacklist Alliance at a campaign level by following these steps:  

1. Log in to 
2. Go to Campaign Settings > Verification Services > Blacklist Alliance Filter 

PX also has other verification solutions, like Real Phone Validation and Profanity Filters, so that you don't waste time on a non-compliant lead.

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